1973 FORD F250

The 1973 Ford F-250 is a ¾ ton pickup truck built to capture the hearts (and wallets) of American consumers. The F-250 was offered in three trim levels (Custom, Ranger and Ranger Lariat). The company produced almost 200,000 units, of which over 90% were Styleside units rather than Flareside.

In response to General Motors M’s square-body light-duty pickup introduced in 1973, Ford felt intense pressure to update their existing truck. Even though a modest attempt had been made in 1965 to launch a fifth-generation by increasing the size and expanding engine options, there were signs that the F-series brand was growing stale. So, Ford made a decision to bring out their sixth generation beginning in December of 1972. While the company kept most of the styling cues of the previous generation, there were plenty of other innovations. The goal was to keep the Ford pickup recognizable at first glance but match the new options being pushed by their competitors.

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This is one of only 3434 models produced in 1955.

The car originated in dry California and was shipped to Rotterdam (Holland). It is an original surviving car that has never been restored before.

We transported the car to Lemmer, the village where I still have family in Holland, and we had to prepare the vehicle to be able to put a Dutch number plate on it.

After putting Dutch plates on the car, we took it to Mallorca, where I have been living for over 15 years now.

I started restoring the car by overhauling the engine, sandblasting and powder coating all the parts, salvaging or replacing the suspension and the rest of all parts.

I reused all the original nuts and bolts by re-galvanising them in the workshop.

On the bodywork, I replaced the floor panels and the outer door sills, as these are the places where rust starts first. Then I fitted the gearbox from a later Triumph TR6 with an overdrive. This is indeed a very big upgrade for the car and it drives much better now.

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