Classic Car Restoration – Maintenance and Repairs

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Classic Cars Restoration

After a detailed inventory, we restore old and young cars of all brands.

Accident Repairs

We ensure that your vehicle is restored to new condition and looks brand again new after an accident.

Maintenance & Inspection

We offer maintenance and inspection for all makes of vehicle.

Vintage car engine reconditioning

If you are looking for a specialist in engine repair for classic cars & vintage cars, then you have come to the right place.

Woodwork Classic Cars

When restoring classic cars, it is essential to revise the wooden frame and the panelling parts.

Classic Cars Customised

Would you like to have vehicle parts completely overhauled or would you like a new look for your Classic? We put your ideas into practice.

Why us ?

We have been living the world of cars for more than 30 years. Classic cars and vintage cars are our indispensable passion. And through this dedication and experience over the past decades, we can now call ourselves specialists. With our knowledge of Classic Cars, we are able to fulfil your wishes and dreams down to the last detail. Contact us today. You will be thrilled!

The car you want, found by us

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful weekend classic, a nut and bolt restoration or something bespoke, we will find it, prepare it and present it for you, exactly as you want it.

Sourced Classic

Finding a good classic car can be difficult, adverts are often misleading, the cars themselves can hide expensive problems and when one is found, it will almost certainly need work that will require specialist equipment or more time than you have to give.

Once we have discussed your requirements, we find good candidates, confirm them with you and then visit them to assess their quality. When the right car is found we buy it on your behalf, write up a complete engineers’ report and rectify the issues you agree with, resulting in an excellent example without the fuss.

Complete Restoration

If show quality is something you desire and attention to detail is important then we can offer a full restoration based on the car of your choice.

When we have found the example that is perfect for you we buy it on your behalf and then completely strip it, either blasting or acid dipping the shell to give the perfect base on which to start and completely restore it.

All imperfections are rectified, the shell is treated, prepped and painted, then rebuilt with every component restored or replaced, the interior clothed in sumptuous new trim and every detail finished to the only standard we know.

Modern Touches

Amongst the many benefits of engaging us to Source and Build your car is that you have the option to update, uprate or bespoke your classic.

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